Tuesday, March 28, 2023

Didn't get Everything Everywhere All at Once? Maybe I can help.

I normally try to keep my blog PG-rated, but I want to talk this once about an R-rated movie since it won so many awards, and so many people are talking about it. This post is still PG, or even G. I just went to make it clear the movie isn't.

Some of my friends are saying they didn't get Everything Everywhere All at Once.

I'm about to get boring and sciencey, but here's my (over-simplified) explanation. 

According the the Many Worlds interpretation of quantum mechanics, every choice creates a new world. We can access any possible world that stems from a choice, but only until that choice is made. After that, we're stuck with the world created by our choice - but that doesn't stop the other worlds from existing. They continue to exist. We just can't access them. 

This means that there are worlds where you are a martial arts expert, worlds where you are a famous actress, and worlds where you are a chef. There are worlds with every possible version of you.

Many science-fiction stories ask What If? and EEAAO is no different. It asks, "What if you could access those infinite other versions of you by making insanely unlikely choices?" And the beautiful moral of the story is that given every possible version of herself in every possible world, the mom would still choose to be in the world where she is her daughter's mother.  

I don't know if that makes things any clearer, but I hope it helps.

Wednesday, March 15, 2023

TIP: My Email Was Hacked, So I Changed the Password. So Why Did I Stop Getting Email?

TIP: Think the only thing you have to do when your email gets hacked is change the password? It's not. 

What most people don't know is that you should also click on the three dots at the top of your page on a computer and check to see if the hacker added any rules to your account. After running anti-virus software, changing your password, and adding 2-step verification (if you don't already have it), delete the hacker's rules. 

Sorry to anyone who got a spam email from my account while a hacker controlled it. Thankfully, they weren't able to change the password, so I was able to get it back. I did the first steps, but wasn't aware of how hackers use rules until I looked up what to do if you haven't received any emails since your account was hacked. The rule they set up forwarded all my email to their account and stored it in my archive. After deleting it, I'm once again able to receive email in that account. 

I'm usually VERY careful and suspect my new (or possibly old) phone was vulnerable when I was switching them over. I hope you never get hacked, but if you do, I hope this helps. 

Please feel free to share. Thanks!