Tuesday, May 31, 2016

#AtoZChallenge links

Here are all the links to all of my Writing Words for Nerds #AtoZChallenge posts:

J is for Justice (and why we need it in stories) http://www.sheviwrites.com/2016/05/im-middlechild.html

L is for Love Stories (and how to write one when you don’t read romance) http://www.sheviwrites.com/2016/05/l-is-for-love-stories-and-how-to-write.html

P is for POV. What’s the right one for your story? http://www.sheviwrites.com/2016/05/writing-words-for-nerds-atozchallenge-p.html

R is for Raise [the Stakes] and why you NEED to do that NOW! http://www.sheviwrites.com/2016/05/writing-words-for-nerds-atozchallenger.html

Z is for Zigzag http://www.sheviwrites.com/2016/05/words-for-nerds-atozchallenge-z-is-for.html

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