Sunday, February 12, 2012

Daily Geek Quotient (or GQ)

Shevi’s Geek Q for today: 132 (pretty high!)

Activities: Watched Weird Al Yankovic on The Late, Late Show with Craig Ferguson and laughed myself silly. Here it is: 

Am I the only person who thinks Weird Al talks and acts like a Muppet?

Ate: Sushi, which I made myself. It was very good, but I think I probably should have passed on the Trop-a-Rocka diet Snapple. (It didn't like me.)

Bought: One Kingdom Hearts tee and this awesome Doctor Who tee (based on the Van Gogh episode) in navy from FYE in the mall, which had a buy one tee get one half-off sale: 

Fun level: Pretty good

Creativity level: Low

Brain activity: Stimulated from this fascinating article on how play seems to be a natural part of life, even in forms as lowly as ants: How cool is that? 

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