Thursday, February 09, 2012

Daily Geek Quotient (or GQ)

Shevi’s Geek Q for today: 143 (High!)

Activities: Geeking out with excitement to find out TWO of my books are now available at Amazon in PAPERBACK, Dan Quixote
: Boy of Nuevo Jersey and  Toren the Teller’s Tale! Yes! Also went the local comic book store to for a games evening. Played Fluxx, which is silly and a lot of fun, Bohnanza, which was kind of fun, and Ingenius, which is very clever. 

Ate: Sweet potato sushi from the Shoprite (it wasn't fresh, so it wasn't very good) and a California roll from the local pizza place, which was delicious

Wore: A steampunk angel t-shirt (from ThinkGeek) and one of my new prism necklaces
Bought: Put the Monty Python version of Fluxx in my Amazon shopping cart, although I haven't bought it yet
Fun level: Great!

Creativity level: so-so, because I was working on the library edition of Dan Quixote, and I had to make some changes to the cover. I also added a classroom discussion section on conformity, individualism, and bullying to the end of the book

Brain activity: Between all the formatting and playing intelligent games, very active

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