Thursday, December 12, 2013

Snow in Jerusalem

I came here to see my mother one last time, but I was too late: she died after the plane landed but before I could make it to the hospital. My brother told me the last time she smiled was when he passed on my message that I love her, and she said, "Tell Shevi I love her, too."

It rained on the day she died. It's been raining most of the week. When my sister and I spoke at the funeral, the clouds cleared, and a ray of light shined down on us. Today we got up from sitting shiva, and it snowed. 

My mother was an amazing woman. She lived through hard times and was a witness to history. She was a journalist, the manager of a business, a mother, and a teacher, but more importantly, she always had a smile and a kind word for everyone she met up to the very end. I wish you could have met her. You would have loved her. Everyone did.

I hope the snow and ice clear before Saturday night, or we'll have a hard time getting to the airport for our return flight. Please wish us a safe trip home.

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Lisa Agosti said...

safe travels. good karma.
keep strong.