Sunday, April 14, 2013

The best shows you aren't watching: #1 Smash

Geek love is the greatest love of all, because a geek loves something not because others think he should but despite others telling him he shouldn't. I am a geek, and when I love something I GEEKING love something.

Now when it comes to TV shows, most of my loves are pretty standard for geeks. I love Doctor Who, Warehouse 13,  and The Big Bang Theory. (I was even the first person to write a glowing review for The Big Bang Theory on Amazon, I love it so much.) But sometimes I love things that aren't as loved as they should be. So this is going to be my list of shows I think need to stay on the air or brought back from oblivion (yes, Firefly, Eureka, you too), and I'm starting with Smash. 

The story of Smash is weak. What sells it are the awesome songs and performances that are a part of the musicals that are being produced in the story of the show. I'm going to show you two of my favorites here. It's songs like this that make me believe Smash deserves to stay on the air.

So if you like what you see, watch Smash on NBC on Saturday nights until the show ends, perhaps forever, and look up previous episodes on

I geeking love Smash. Weak story, but amazing songs and performances.

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