Saturday, February 23, 2013

Have a happy Purim!

Tonight is Purim, my favorite holiday. On Purim Jews celebrate the victory of Esther and Mordechai over Haman. We read from the book of Esther, make noise when Haman's name is read, give to charity, send gifts of food to friends, and wear costumes. I found this combo hat and scarf at Claire's for a little over $4, so I knew it would be perfect for Purim. I'm a happy puppy! My daughter was Puss in Boots. 

Below are the Purim baskets ("Mishlo'ach Manot") I put together. Every year, I go with a theme. One year it was Alice in Wonderland. Another year it was Winnie the Pooh-rim. (Get it?) And yet another year I made bento boxes with things made to look like flowers, and I created a Megillah about Esther getting advice from the butterflies and bees in the king's garden.

This year I went with a summer-fun theme. You see, topsy-turvy is one of the themes of Purim, because Mordechai and Esther turned the tables on Haman, who wanted to kill all the Jews. So I turned the world over, which meant this year my Purim theme comes from sunny Australia. 

These buckets are perfect for making sandcastles on the beach. There's also a bubble sword, a jump rope and a water gun. The foods include Pirate's Booty, orange juice, marshmallows, candy necklaces, fruit salad, watermelon lollipops, tropical Mike and Ikes, Oreos, chocolate chip cookies, and more. Because I always like to include something homemade, everyone will also get a homemade pizza. 
I wish I could give you one too. 
Have a wonderful Purim! 

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