Friday, March 09, 2012

Geek Q for March 8th, 2012

Shevi’s Geek Q for yesterday: 168 (very high!)

Yesterday was Purim, so my Geek Q was very, very high, and it was AWESOME! 

I love Purim. It's my favorite holiday. We go to the synagogue to hear the story of Esther, and every time the evil Haman's name is mentioned, we make a lot of noise. Kids and some grownups wear costumes. I saw a Smurfette, a crayon, a Supergirl, several small Batmans, and lots and lots of Hogwart students. 

My daughter was a black cat, and I wore this:

Steampunk Angel tee from ThinkGeek

Creativity: Off the charts high! I wrote a short story about Esther in the king's garden, and I printed it on a scroll I made to look like a megillah. I also made the coolest bento boxes with a garden theme to give to friends. There were pizza rollups made to look like roses, and I put them on baby spinach leaves. I made a garden salad with flower-shaped carrot, cucumber, and cheese pieces, as well as homemade croutons. And there were flowers made from fruit and chocolate sauce to dip the fruit in. It was healthy, beautiful, delicious, and so much fun!


Ate: Snacked on vegetables while I was preparing them. We had Chinese takeout for lunch.

Fun level: High! There was a great ventriloquist who entertained at the synagogue after Megillah reading. There was also a minstrel with a guitar.

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