Monday, March 28, 2011

Useful blogs, articles and other info on epublishing

1.Blog of an ebook bestseller:

2. Great advice on ebook publishing:

3. Interview with Amanda Hocking:

4. Books for Kindle outselling all other formats--including paperbacks--sold by Amazon:

5. Published authors, like Arthur Slade, are self-publishing their out of print books as ebooks:

6. E Is for Book is "a coalition of respected children’s trade book authors developing their books for electronic media."

7. Arthur Slade's blog where he writes about his ebook adventures:

8. Up-to-the-minute information on ebooks:

9. Successful ebook self-publisher Terri Reid's blog:

10. Bestselling author L.A. Bank's reasons for choosing to epub her own books and how she did it:

11. A How-To article from CNet on self-publishing ebooks:

12. How to make full-bleed (allowing pictures to reach the edges) picture books for the iPad:

13. A couple of useful Yahoo! Groups, one for self-publishers and the other for self-publishers of children's books: and

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